Goldwell is known for rich, vibrant hues and a wide palette of shades from which to choose. Goldwell color formulas are designed to be long-lasting and different options are available to meet the individual needs of our salon clientele. These formulas also have ingredients that can repair damaged hair, leaving it in better condition than before your hair color service. Whether you are looking for a few highlights, color to cover gray, men’s color, or something edgy and dramatic, our salon can create the hair color of your dreams.


The BondPro+ Inter-Amino-Bonding-System is based on an advanced amino-acid formula
in combination with moisturizing panthenol and cationic polymers.

Ensure exceptional hair quality after lightening, color and texture services. Why Your Customers will love BondPro+? Hair looks and feels significantly healthier and revitalized. Hair is revitalized and deeply nourished. Strengthens the hair fiber and supports bond stability. Prevents breakage by reinforcing the bonds in your hair. Step 1: Protection Serum: Penetrates the hair and protects the hair fiber from within during the alkaline bleaching, coloring or texturizing process. As a result, it prevents hair breakage. Step 2: Nourishing Fortifier. Is a rich, intensive treatment, which reinforces the bonds in the hair. The hair fiber is strengthened and deeply nourished.