Giving Back

Thank you for visiting my giving back page. Hair makeup fashion red carpet and Glamour are all my passions in my work world but in my personal world and those that know me, know that dogs and animals are my personal passion, throughout my lifetime I’ve spent many years rescuing dogs, placing them in homes, giving them homes as well as medical need and raising money to help various dog rescues throughout the Bay Area.

My connection to dogs is the unconditional love that they give to all the humans in the world no matter what kind of day you have no matter where you’ve been when you come home your dogs are always happy to see you it’s unfortunate that we have a place in the world where sometimes dogs are mistreated left behind or taking to shelters where they are often euthanized it is been my passion throughout my life to help save dogs from these horrible situations. I have fostered found homes for giving medical care to and rescued an adopted a number of dogs throughout my life and I thank you for visiting my Give back page there’s a lot of places that we can give our money and my passion charity is Muttville of San Francisco Muttville is an senior dog rescue and a recipient of CNN hero award. They rescue dogs out of shelters that are above seven years old that may have been left there because the family cannot care for them abandoned abused and often need medical attention To think after a family has had a dog brought them into their home welcome them love them and then they would just abandon them breaks or maybe the person just past away my heart breaks to know theses dogs are left behind afraid confused and often lonely. that is why I’m dedicated to not only rescuing dogs thru Muttville and also giving back. IF you would like to also give back to Muttville and become a Muttville guardian please click the donation button at the bottom of this page and give as what you can. Any amount helps Towards medical needs assistance in adoptions rescuing transportation and the numerous amount of expenses that occur in rescuing these animals.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤